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MessageSujet: [Interview]Russe.   Mar 25 Nov 2008 - 23:12

Translated by Katherine and Aella @ THA.

(Bill writes what he think about the words)
People - living being

High hills - not suitable for walking

Extreme – me

Humour - a sense of humour will save the world

I - used to be in a team

Cars - creates jams on roads

Dollar – Euro is better

Evening – everything just begins

Tour – can’t stand aeroplanes

Girls - coming in crowds to our concerts

Food – pizza, pasta and potatoes

Animals – sometimes can be really cruel

Spectacle - when the group gathers before the concert. That’s a real spectacle

Art – you can call our music art too

Movie – helps kill time while flying

Love – sometimes happens to me too (where is all that talk about true love and stuff?)

Fashion – comes and goes

Drinks – coca-kola. It gets me in better mood pretty good

Vacation – I like to relax in Japan (ye, wright. I thought he never was in Japan)

Pop music – can’t stand it

Reality – everybody have their own

TV show – a good opportunity to kill an hour of free time

Party – people meeting, where you not only can eat, but also get to know new faces

Luck- it’s hard to live without it

Fear – I’m afraid of flying

Hobby – music, music and music!

Colour – pink (what??....really)

Seven Deadly Sins Lust

What kind of a girl will conquer your hearts?

Bill: I think she has to be romantic and fun.

Tom: I like it when a girl is sexy.

Gustav: I like girls that I can relate to. I want to be able to communicate with her without the need of speaking.

Georg: I have to agree with Tom, I like sexy girls. And here, the French girls are on top.

What can make you envious?

All four of us are really envious when it comes to love, even if we claim the opposite in most of our interviews. The heart is still our weak spot.

What are your favourite foods?

We really love Italian foods, like pizza, calzone and pasta.
Because we spend a lot of energy on stage, we eat a big bowl of spaghetti in 18 hours. At first we hated this, but now we're addicted to it. But, besides our beloved spaghetti, we like everything else simple.

What are you proud of?

Particularly of what we have achieved. Originally we are from a small village in the depths of Germany, and we worked hard to get here.
Despite the critics and many difficulties, the fact, that we have become popular outside of Germany is our biggest pride.

What can make you angry?

You have to try really hard to make us angry. We are always together and if one of us gets mad, the others calm him down.

How do you relax?

We usually watch TV, listen to music... On tour, we usually get together and hang out.

Do you spend a lot of money or not?

We are generous, but we don't waste our money. We hate people who waste money just for fun. We only buy things that we really need, or things that we really want, but it's always within the norm.

The Truth About the Rumours
Tom was stopped by the police (True)

Ever since Tom got his dream car - a black Cadillac Escalade, he uses every opportunity to drive it. But too bad that his beautiful car stands out too much and caught the eyes of the German police. Tom was stopped during the operation called "No drugs and alcohol for drivers" executed by the police around Hamburg. After making sure that Tom was innocent and all his documents were in order, the police let him go.

The Kaulitz twins won the jack-pot (true)

According to the contract with Universal, Tom and Bill Kauiltz were not allowed to be in charge of their income before coming of age. After turning eighteen on September 1, the twins are in total control of their earnings, which are said to be a few million euros. Aside from that, the profit from their album sales, concerts and other merchandise by the end of 2008 will put them on the list of top young millionaires of the world, and they will be far from the last place.

They trashed a hotel room (False)

It's not a surprise - the four boys were billed 8000 euros for trashing a hotel room in London, during their promo-tour in England.
But the problem was that none of the boys did this. After the investigation, it was proven that the hotel manager had mixed up the room numbers and none of the boys had stayed in the trashed room.

Bill is losing hair (False)

Clearly, the unusual hairstyle of Bill Kaulitz is a source for many rumours. The latest rumour says that Bill is losing hair because of using hair gel for so long. They're even talking about him going completely bald in two years. Even if some hair products irritate the scalp, no one has ever gone bald from using too much gel. Bill's full main is in no danger.

Bill and Tom - top students(True)

Aren't they secretive? Although the both Kaulitz brothers keep claiming that they hate school and express their disapproval of the German school system, they were good students since the first grade.
Parallel to their Tokio Hotel life, the two musicians were working on getting their high-school diplomas. They passed their final exam with perfect grades. "Me and Bill need our diplomas, in case someday we decide to continue our education," - says Tom.

Tokio Hotel was laughed at in USA (False)

Some American newspapers wrote articles criticizing Tokio Hotel, which made the usual critics of the band in Europe very happy. They started talking about the bands failure on American land. But the anti-Tokio Hotelers were too soon in celebrating the band's failure, because those few articles were false - the american public was very interested in the German quartet. Even before Bill's operation, in Canada their album Scream reached #6 on the hit-charts, and in USA the video for Ready, Set, Go was in constant rotation on MTV. Who else needs further proof that Tokio Hotel has taken America by storm?

They are angry at their fans (False)

The cancellation of some concerts from their "1000 Hotels" tour left many of their fans in despair. Sadly, this was not the first time that Tokio Hotel had to cancel concerts due to Bill's health issues...
So are the fans angry? Are they turning away from the band? No! Everyday mountains of support and get-well letters are posted on the Internet. The fans from all over the world even got together and presented the band with a star in the sky.

Bill had to stay silent (True)

A vocal cord surgery is a real nightmare for any singer, especially for someone who likes to talk just as much as Bill. Never the less, the doctors prohibited Bill from speaking for 10 days after the surgery. It was an important part of his healing process...

Bill's Crazy Woman

Somewhere in this world lives a crazy old woman - a married mother of two. She is insanely in love with Bill and it looks like she has completely lost her mind.

It is known, that she cooks sausages with Bill's name on them. Also:

- her husband lets her scream Bill's name during sex

- her husband has a full time job, but he also has to do most of the chores, because she's on TH fansites all day, and doesn't take care of her family.

-she writes love letters to Bill, in which she describes in detail all her feelings towards him

- she says that Bill walked into her heart when she saw the DDM video for the first time

- her entire family had to fly to Riga, because she wanted to see Bill

- she managed to meet Bill in front of their hotel, and she claims that she got to grope his butt

- the jacket that she wore that day is sacred to her now. She is never going to wash it, because Bill has touched it.

Who are Tokio Hotel fans of?

Although united with their passion for music, the members of Tokio Hotel have different musical tastes. So what are their choices of music for the perfect evening in great company?

Coldplay "Fix you"

The song "Fix you" from the album "X&Y", released in 2005, is a melancholic hymn. It matches Bill's amazing imagination perfectly.

Timbaland feat. One Republic "Apologize"

Chosen by Tom, this soft and sensitive song is part of the album "Shock Value", released in April 2007.

Avril Lavigne "Innocence"

Is there room in the hearts of the four rockers room for a sweet flower? The sound of this ballad is very romantic, and that is the reason why the band likes it so much.

Placebo "Songs to Say Goodbye"

A cool song from cool performers... Placebo is one of the few bands, equally liked by all the guys of Tokio Hotel

Nelly Furtado "All Good Things Come to an End"

Tom, Gustav and Georg have been enchanted by the amazing Canadian singer, ever-since they first met during the NRJ music Awards in 2007.

Pink "Long Way to Happy"

Pink has very rhythmic and strong sound. That's what's needed to grab the attention of the drummer, Gustav. This song can be found on the album "I'm Not Dead".

Akon "Lonely"

Bill Kaulitz doesn't stick to one particular style of music. He listens to rock, pop and even R'n'B. Proof for this - Akon.

Green Day "Whatsername"

It is impossible to imagine Bill's or Georg's playlist, without the album "American Idiot" by Green Day.

Nine Inch Nails "Only"

Nine Inch Nails - an American band, whose sound is an original mixture of different styles of rock. They're Georg's discovery.

50 Cent "Ayo Technology"

If you want to know what interests Tom in American rap, this song is you answer. It's always on his playlist.

Tokio Hotel Legends
Tokio Hotel are Against the Craziness of Fans (False)

One of the most comic and unproven legends. Apparently, because of the fans' crazy and erratic behaviour, the German boys became very cold and ignorant towards their fans. Actually, the boys are not bothered by it at all and seize every opportunity to proclaim love and appreciation for their fans.

Georg has Two Pets (True)

Mortiz and Haron - two best friends of Georg. The first is a amazing and sweet kitty, the second is a very friendly and dedicated dog.
"Every time I come home, they greet me and act as if I never left. They are fantastic, and I love them!" says Georg.

Bill is Always on a Diet (False)

To always stay in shape, it is necessary to fast and be on a very strict diet, mainly consisting of salads and vegetables. But in reality, the frontman of TH is obsessed with pizza, french fries and hamburgers. Also, he enjoys the occasional drink.

Some of Bill and Tom's Old Friends Sold Their Private Photos (True)

When the band released its first album in Germany, some of the twins' closest friends sold their private photos, taken at the beach, to German newspapers for a hefty price. You call them friends? Well, Bill and Tom have taken these traitors off their friends list forever.

All Four Guys are Secretly Engaged (False)

Bill denied this rumour from international press, according to which, he was secretly engaged to a sweet, blond girl. The leader of TH pointed that right now there is only room in his heart for his music.

Bill and Tom are Identical Twins (True)

At first sight this is not evident, because each twin has his own look and style, which makes them so different. But looks can be deceiving.

Gustav - a Boxer

To ease the stress and relax, instead of punching things, the drummer prefers riding his bike.

In School Bill was a Cast-Out (True)

He had very few friends. He was criticized for his urban look and straight-forward way of communication.

The Band is Very Popular in England (False)

They are loved in the US and Europe, except the UK, where they got a very cold welcome. Also, many concert dates had to be cancelled, because the tickets weren't selling.[
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MessageSujet: Re: [Interview]Russe.   Mer 8 Juil 2009 - 19:21

cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy
MAIS moi personne ne m'interview car j'aime la musique Sad ce que je veut dire même si les th ont un grand succés ( Very Happy et je trouve ça super qu'il est du succés) sa commence a devenir ridicule de savoir si georg aime le chocolat si gustav aime l'ananas et si les frère kaulitz sont célibataire!!! Neutral !!se que je veut dire c'est que si on doit le groupe tokio hotel ou n'importe quel artiste on doit l'aimer pour son talent et pas parce qu'il est beau et riche!!
et je parle pour tous les groupes de musique ou stars de la musique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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